Solidarites International

During the project, Diala Brisly, Kamal Hakim, Lena Merhej and Nour Hifaoui Fakhoury held illustration workshops at the different places they visited.
The aim of this activity was to give families, parents and children a way of sharing their own stories, allowing them to express themselves in a different way about their daily challenges, and to put down on paper their fears and dreams.

Each artist came with a theme in mind and the zeal to work with a particular group of people: Lena worked with children of all ages on creating animals and landscapes they’d like to be in, Diala collaborated with couples, whereby each had to draw a portrait or a situation with the other, Kamal worked on self portraits and Nour invited teenagers from Tripoli to draw 3-panelled comic strips.

Many people of all ages took part enthusiastically in the workshops. This allowed some to reveal a part of their talent, while for others, it simply gave them a chance to escape their daily lives with an afternoon of light-hearted creativity.
In Tripoli, the teenagers were fully concentrated and silent as they dove straight into the task of inking their first ever strips.
In the camps in Akkar, Yasser and Hana drew their love-story. Every day, Hanna “doesn’t want me to leave for work”, tells Yasser. “We love each other very much, since the very first day we met. And every morning when he gets to work, I call him to make sure he’s ok…” Hanna adds.
Abdallah beams with pride as he tells of how he cares for his plant every day
Walla talks about her friends and the activities they take part in at the organisation Basmeh and Zeitooneh.
Sima recalls her school and the birds and butterflies in her garden.
Ahmad tells of how he’s willing to spend hours in traffic jams just to go play football with his friends in Beirut.
As for Tarek, he isn’t married. But every time he comes home from work and managed to relax, he imagines himself flying far away from the camp.
Nour explains her picture, “It was just a typical day and my husband was getting ready to leave for work. When he left the house, he noticed one of the car’s wheels was broken… when I saw the car, I said to myself, oh no, I’m going to have to put up with him all day at home!!”