Solidarites International

During a various visits in the heart of disadvantaged areas of Tripoli, Nour wanted to illustrate some of the situations that have affected her and she has chosen to comment three pages in order to accompany the reader into her graphic novel story. 

The first page is about her second visit in an urban apartment, where Nour was going to enter the home.

« We have met the father in the street then he invited us to come to his place. We climbed some stairs and at each floors the doors of the other apartments were all open, so I could see very tiny apartment, with very few furniture”.
« Once in front of the entrance, i bended my head and I saw at least a dozen of pairs of shoes ». In Lebanon and in Syria, people usually remove their shoes before entering their home. Most of the time the shoes remain in the corridor.  “I directly imagined how many people could live here! There were shoe of all sizes, which meant that the whole family was living together in this tiny place. I then drew the shoes, which represents the overpopulation of the shelters in the city ».

« The second page tells a very special moment that made me understand that in the field, we could expect anything.”

“To be able to collect stories in an easier way, we have been through a local NG, Basmeh & Zeitouneh, which allow us to use their local community center to organize few meetings with men and women of the suburbs and being able to talk in small committee of daily life, without any external pressure or shame”.
« We had planned for a meeting with a group of 5 women followed by a meeting in the afternoon with 5 men. At 2pm, we have welcomed 5 men, but few seconds later, other came up, then others and others… We could see the room getting filled and we were wondering how we were going to manage all of them. We were only 4 girls facing around 20 men ».

« To illustrate this moment, i drew strips full of legs, which show the influx of persons that couldn’t stop coming in the room and a larger drawing of the room to translate our surprise facing this massive arrival of men, the noises of the street and of the full room ».

“At the end, everyone managed to take part in the conversation, and the meeting went perfectly well. They had a lot of things to say and above all we could see they had the will and the need to share all of these stories. This day was filled with emotions.”